Corporate Financial Planning

Successful business owners are often too busy to organise themselves financially due to the demands on their time emanating from the business.

We can ensure that the advice you receive is appropriate to the financial circumstances of you as the business owner and for the Company – helping you to identify your goals and to see the bigger picture.  With your agreement, we will work closely with your accountant or lawyer to ensure that we are all working together on your behalf.

Important financial planning for small to medium-sized firms can include:

  • Pension funding/Retirement planning
  • Succession/Exit Planning
  • Corporate investing
  • Shareholder/Partnership protection

The consequences of ignoring this planning may result in:

  • Being unable to stop working when you want to
  • Having insufficient wealth to enable you to live the lifestyle that you want and deserve
  • Paying more tax than necessary
  • Surplus cash reserves not providing the best possible returns
  • Money not lasting long enough in retirement
  • Corporate risks, which can be insured against, are left uncovered with possible disastrous results for the firm and its owners

It may be that you have recently sold your business and you require wealth management advice or tax planning strategies for wealth preservation for your family.

Come and talk to us about how we can provide advice tailored to your particular circumstances.