Financial Advice

By seeking financial advice you are choosing to take control of your wealth and build financial security into your future. We believe this is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Becoming a Client

How you view money, your approach to investment risk and the plans you need in place to feel financially secure about the future are all unique to you. This is why the financial advice we provide is not generic - it is specific to each of our clients’ needs.

The process starts with an initial meeting, which is without charge or commitment to proceed, it’s simply time we set aside to get to know you.

We listen, gather the facts and establish your financial goals. We discuss why you feel you need to take financial advice - whether it is to solve a specific problem or to put in place a longer term financial strategy.

Time is given to talk about the importance of finding the right balance between taking investment risks and the need for returns. There is the opportunity to ask questions and we establish a clear understanding of your risk profile - whether you are a cautious investor or more adventurous in your approach.

This information gathering means the advice we go onto provide is bespoke to you, enabling us to deliver a range of flexible and appropriate financial solutions that match your individual needs.

We discuss cost in this meeting, providing a clear estimate of the fee for the advice we provide and payment options, should you wish to proceed.

Financial Advice and Implementation

If we believe we can help and you decide you would like to work with us as your financial adviser, we then move forward to provide you with our recommendations and solutions.

Our research starts by comprehensively reviewing your existing financial arrangements, to ensure they are still both relevant and complement your situation.

We then prepare a financial plan, with robust strategies aimed to achieve your short, medium and long term goals. Where pertinent we will discreetly consult with your accountant or solicitor to consolidate our advice.

You will be provided with a clear written report with our recommendations, which we will talk through with you so you clearly understand the advice being given.

Some of our recommendations may require immediate attention - others maybe considerations for the future. However, nothing is implemented until it has been discussed and agreed by you.

On your approval, our support team will then manage the implementation process on your behalf, liaising with the product providers and handling the paperwork involved.

Our Ongoing Service

Our advice is designed to be ongoing - to grow and change with you as life moves gently forward.

We constantly maintain a watchful eye over your arrangements, and every six months we will write to you with a formal review and suggest that we meet up at least annually. We can of course review arrangements and advise at any time should your life or circumstances take an unexpected turn.

Many people prefer their investments to be managed in a more hands-on way. Our wealth management service manages clients’ individual investment portfolios on an active basis. Money can be switched between different investments quickly and fluidly, as soon as client approval is secured on the recommendations made.

How We Charge

Our first client meeting is without cost.

We then prefer to charge for our advice, purely on a fee basis. This means that our pricing structure is transparent.

If you would like to find out more, click here to arrange a consultation.

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