Retirement Planning Services

Ensuring your finances are in order is key to a stress free, long retirement.  If you are planning for the future, pensions remain the most tax efficient way to save for your retirement.

Perhaps you are considering retirement now?

It is so important to plan for retirement as on average, we are living longer and our hard earned money may need to stretch further than the last generation’s did. We therefore need to plan to avoid running out of money and to achieve our desired lifestyle at the chosen retirement age.

There are various ways in which you can plan for your retirement. The purpose of a pension is to provide you with money when you have reached your desired lifestyle age, when you are ideally able to enjoy your hard-earned financial freedom.

We will help you to organise your finances to develop a plan aimed at achieving your objectives.

We also provide a review service for existing pension schemes and where appropriate, make recommendations with the aim of improving investment returns on the underlying investments and to reduce charges.

When was the last time you had an in-depth review of your retirement planning?

Do you know how much of a pension you are likely to get when you retire?

How much will your desired lifestyle cost and how long will the money last for?

People are often surprised to find that their expected pension is lower than they thought – good financial planning should prevent surprises and shortfalls.

We can help you to review your retirement planning needs.